Engineering in coffee industry

Suatec is a pioneer in coffee technology from Roasting technology and Coffee Extraction to the Instant coffee production.

Coffee is our passion.

We offer you engineering in various processes of coffee production:




Spray drying, Agglomeration,
Freeze drying

Heat technology

Exhaust gas treatment

Flow diagram of a typical instant coffee production process
Evaporator in a soluble coffee plant

Our Engineering services

  • Extensive consultation
  • Concept development
  • Plant optimization
  • Equipment and plant design
  • Creation of 2D/3D drawings
  • Automation Concepts
  • Electrical engineering and constructions

Our consulting services

  • Extension of production equipment
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Emission reduction
  • Recommendation of improvement potentials
  • Production expansion
  • Increases in production capacity
  • Quality improvements

Project examples:

1 - Roasting:

  • Retrofitting of an exhaust air cleaning system
  • Energy recovery from roaster exhaust air
  • New construction of a stoner
  • Planning of a central exhaust air cleaning system
  • Integration of a roaster in the higher-level control
  • Connection of an autonomous chaff compactor
  • Conception of a green coffee pre-heating
  • Installation of a green coffee metal separator

2 - Extraction:

  • Planning of an aroma recovery system to increase the product quality
  • Planning an automatic cell coffee feeding
  • Installation of a special grinding technique for maximum yield
  • Optimization of coffee grounds handling

3 - Freeze drying:

  • Cycle time optimization and capacity increase
  • Implementation of an energy consumption monitoring
  • Optimization of the de-Icing process
  • Reduction of burned particles
  • Retrofitting of an automatic product moisture measurement
  • Reduction of energy consumption in de-Icing Process

4 - Spray drying:

  • Retrofit of an automatic moisture measurement
  • Development of new products: “Microgrind Coffee”
    and “Crema”

5 - Refrigeration plant:

  • Retrofitting of an energy recovery in the Ammonia-CO2 cascade system
  • Increasing the condenser efficiency

6 - Utilities:

  • Planning of a steam generation by burning coffee grounds
  • Retrofitting of economizers
  • Implementation of an energy management system
  • Retrofitting of a special water softening for the increase of the extraction yield
  • Installation of energy recovery from air compressors

7 - Wet process:

  • Installation of an automatic filtration plant
  • Reduction of the water consumption of the evaporators
  • CIP station extension
  • Development of a coffee sludge recycling process from separators
  • Re-dimensioning of the separator capacity
  • Design and implementation of a Chemical storage plant for CIP station

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