DGUV testing - DGUV A3 for stationary and mobile systems

To comply with occupational health and safety, our expert and qualified employees also carry out the tests of the accident prevention regulations, e.g. testing pursuant to DGUV A3.


The breakdown of a switching system often comes unexpectedly. For producing businesses, such a breakdown can entail high financial damage. SUATEC carries out preventative measures in the form of thermographies in order to reduce the probabilities of breakdowns. In rapid time and equipped with the necessary special equipment, we inspect your switching systems, and we are also happy to do this in combination with regular system maintenance.

Remote maintenance

We combine cross-subject knowledge of processes and systems for our customers’ benefit. With easy-to-implement remote maintenance modules in your systems, we allow you to have a share in this expertise. We analyse your processes and control chains as needed and are there to assist when faults occur. Additionally, our automation engineers can perform programme changes together with operators regardless of the place of use, thus eliminating travel costs.

Steam and hot water generators

Whether the external inspection is due, the half-yearly review pursuant to DIN EN 12952 or 12953 is due or longer system downtime allows major audits, we can help. We look back at a long history in the management of energy generator systems. And our work does not end when we leave the property. As needed, we also provide for spare part acquisition and manage necessary repair measures.