Special thermal units

Batch size 1?
Then we want to hear from you. We specialise in the individual project-related planning, calculation and design of special units and containers, be it electropolished stainless steel components for the food and pharmaceutical industry, industrial vaporisation and condensation processes or the heating of exotic fluids. Our calculation and design engineers are used to changing requirements. We take advantage of an extensive network of manufacturers and component suppliers and also gladly offer complete solutions from one source.

Steam boilers and pressure equipment

Traditional steam generation is a constant companion of SUATEC. Beginning with the complete automation of boiler houses and the development of the digital compound regulator, today SUATEC is a system supplier for steam boiler systems and the usually associated condensate business. In addition to our own electric steam generator based on a resistance radiator, we are your partner when it comes to special applications, such as the 3D construction of lateral pipe bucklings for water pipe boilers or the design of heat-retaining pipe coils.

Blowing out of water pipe steam generator systems pursuant to VGB-S-513 (previously VGB-R 513)

We look after the complete blow-out process for the internal cleaning of water pipe boilers and piping. We calculate necessary parameters, build complete measurement routes together with baffle plate holders and determine the best possible installation sites. We gladly assume noise-reducing measures such as sound insulators and, if required, other measures for the smooth blow-out of the systems. We manage the complete tests, evaluate the baffle plates and provide support in the effecting of the acceptance test on the part of the steam turbine manufacturers.